About Us

Our mission at Antler Chandelier’s UK is to create an online destination that reinvents how people discover & shop for luxury Antler Chandeliers.

We understand that shopping for beautiful furnishing and home decor can be both challenging and time consuming when it should be the exact opposite.

We have selected the world’s finest antler products and provide around the clock customer support, making shopping for the perfect chandelier enjoyable and effort-free.


We truly believe that every home should tell a unique story. It is because of this concept that we are incredibly passionate about sourcing and selling the highest quality and stylish antler furniture available on the market, which will complement your home in every way. no matter how unique and individual your style is.

Our expert team scour the corners of the world to discover the very best antler chandelier’s that until now, were almost impossible to locate. We are incredibly proud of our hand-picked products which epitomise beautiful design, quality craftsmanship and elegant timelessness.


Antlerchandeliers.uk is proud to be trusted by thousands of happy customers across the UK and Europe and have worked with the worlds leading designers and stylists.


Our team are proud to have sourced the most beautiful antler products available on the market today, giving you access to our carefully selected and curated product ranges from the leading brands within the industry.